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Your passport needs to be valid for more than 6 months at the time of your arrival.

OLD INFO that is curently not valid

Upon your arrival, as you come through passport control, you will receive your FREE one month VISA on arrival, (except for AUSTRALIANS) which is NON EXTENDABLE.

There are some exceptions and you can find useful information HERE

61 countries are now FREE of charge, as of 9. June 2015. PLEASE have a look at the LIST OF NO FEE VISA on ARRIVAL COUNRTIES HERE:

For all not-listed countries a fee of 35.- US Dollars will be charged. Please bring exact change with you.

IF you need to stay longer than 30 days in Indonesia, you need to request a SOCIAL VISA for which you will need to find a SPONSOR to provide you with a SPONSOR LETTER, and upon application you will receive your SOCIAL VISA which allows you to stay for 60 days and then you can extend the Visa for another 30 days up to a maximum of 6 months.

You will need to orgnaize this SOCIAL VISA BEFORE arriving in Bali. This requireshaving a RETURN TICKET with a departure date less than 6 months from your date of arrival.

You can contact the website of the INDONIESIAN EMBASSY in your country to inquire about getting the SOCIAL VISA. It permits you to stay up to 6 months, and requires that you have your VISA extended after the first 60 days, every 30 days, for approx. 500.000 Rp plus a fee for your Sponsor and agent to get your monthly extension stamp.

Exit Fees

EXIT FEES areare collected at the time of your DEPARTURE at the airport, are 200.000 Rp per person, payable in local currency (less than 20 USD) upon your departure at the airport. These are now included in most ticket purchases.

Travel insurance:

We highly recommend getting CANCEL FOR ANY REASON Travel Insurance which allows you to get reimbursed for all the costs, including your seminar fees. If you are participating in a group, this is a must in our perspective. It covers you in any unforseen events. Click here for more info: TRAVEL INSURANCE

Payment with credit card at Shambala:

You can pay with your cc at the end of your stay for your food, massages, etc.

We have credited your account with the exacpt amount of rupiah that we received for your room payment. Any over oder underpayment will be adjusted on your final bill.

Please rememeber to bring or memorize your pin number for your credit card if you wish to use atms here in bali. The closest atm near shambala is a 10 minute drive away.

When making puchases in indonesia/bali with your credit card, you will need to sign as well as input your pin number starting the 1. Jan. 2015

How to find us:

Just as you exit the airport, you will see a lot of people waiting, usually drivers holding up name signs. That is where you will find our driver awaiting you with a sign and your name on it.

We will take your luggage, and make you feel at home right away. Just in case do take our phone number with you:

Here is our 24 hrs Cell phone number: EDY replies +(62) 81- 338- 674 895

Taxi To Shambala: Pick-Up & Drop Off Fare One-Way

  • DENPASAR/ Kuta/Airport: 750.000 Rp a 3.5 hr drive, via Kintamani )
  • UBUD: 600.000 Rp (2 hr drive via Kintamani Volcano town)

If you arrive late it might be best to stay at a Hotel in Denpasar, because you may want to sleep, rest before driving another 3 hrs north.

We recommend the KUMALA PANTAI
Tel: +62 361 7 555 00 (or locally once you are in Bali: 0361 7555 00)

How to take a taxi to Kumala Pantai:

Please go to the TAXI PREPAID Stand and PRE-PAY your ticket to KUMALA PANTAI. They have fixed prices and the short 20 minute drive will cost you about 100.000+ Rp depending on gas prices. But prepaying will eliminate any hassles over prices

IF you want to take your own Taxi to SHAMBALA please be sure you print out our PDF fory our DIRECTIONS by clicking here.
Most taxi-drivers take the long route via Singaraja as they don't know the short cut over the mountain after Kintamani.

PLEASE BE SURE TO CALL US at SHAMBALA about 20 minutes prior to arriving otherwise noone will be there to pick up your luggage and the walk from the street to our gate (that we will open only upon request) is about 4 minutes.


Located just 8 degrees south of the equator, Bali has a tropical climate all year round. The average temperature hovers around 30 degrees Celsius year-round. We have a dry and a wet season - depending on the area of the Island.

In Bondalem we have two seasons:

1) The DRY SEASON: from Mai to December, when we have temperatures ranging from 28-29 Celsius by day, and a pleasant 23 Celsius at night. We pretty much have no rain during that time.

2) The RAINY SEASON from January to mid-March, when we have temperatures ranging from 30-31 Celsius by day, and 24-25 Celsius at night. Rains usually only last for half a day, unless we have island wide storms.

During the rainy season (Jan - March) rain is likely to pass quickly, the sun will emerge often, and the rain is pleasantly warm. Occasionally we have a storm pass through, which may stay a day or two, which is usually island wide. But even during this time, you are likely to feel the deep relaxation of being on vacation.

In UBUD, where the many rice paddies are located, it rains at any time of the year.
In general May to December are the best months in northern Bali. At that time of year we usually have hardly any rains at all in the Bondalem area.

Around the coast, in the north it is less hot than in the South. A sea breezes tempers the heat and as you move inland you also move up so the altitude works to keep things cool. It can get very cool up in the highlands and a warm sweater can be a good idea when you drive through the mountain villages like Kintamani or Bedugul on the way over to Shambala in Bondalem.



Important Visa, Currency And Travel Information

MUST have AT LEAST 6 months remaining validity upon entry to Indonesia.

Visa on Arrival: IF YOU WANT TO EXTEND YOU STAY for another 30 DAYS.
Not all nationalities are eligible for a paid Visa on Arrival.

Visa on Arrival ( length of stay max. 30 days extendable for another 30 days IF you tell the imigration officer of your intention upon arrival) will be issued to citizens of most countries.

1) No photos are required at the airport.
2) 30 day visa cost is US $35 (please bring USD currency)


The Visa on arrival is non extendable unless you pay for one upon arrival, in which case you can stay another 30 days longer for a fee. The extention fee is 500.000 Rp as of 2. May 2019. Your day of arrival is counted as your first day!

A VISA FREE entry is granted to cisitzens over 60 coutries, with a max.30-day entry stamp, which will be issued upon arrival to citizens of:
Brunei, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Morocco, Chile, Peru.

A 30-day tourist visas that can be extendete once for another 30 days IF it was requested upon arrival. The extention will cost 500.000 Rp.

Citizens of countries not stated above should check to see if application for visa in advance is required at an Indonesian Embassy/Consulate.


Indonesian Rupiah rate of exchange varies and you can go here to check your ExCHANGE RATE

  • Money Changers and ATM’s can be easily found in tourist centers. The closest ATM is in TEJAKULA about a 10 minute car-drive from Shambala.
  • ATM machines will give you cash in Rupiah only. Please remember your PIN NUMBER
  • Deutsche können ihre EC Karte in den ATM Maschinen benutzen. Bitte PIN NUMMER mitbringen oder merken.


US Dollar Notes:

Currently Indonesia Money Changers are no longer accepting US Dollar notes issued prior to the year 2000, nor any US Dollar bills beginning with Number Series: CB
Any foreign currency notes that are soiled or torn are not accepted, so best be prepared.

Airport departure tax: many airlines inlcude the departure tax now. Check if yours does.
Rp 200.000 for international flights per person, so keep this amount in Rupiah.
Rp 30.000 for domestic flights departing Denpasar.

WiFi Or WLan At Shambala

We offer FREE WiFi at the RESTAURANT. And we offer higehr speed Internet connection at Shambala in every house upon request by renting your own MODUM.
WIFI FREE ZONES are possible for your house! Please let us know.

HIGH SPEED via a HIGH SPEED MODUM is available at a daily charge of 50.000 Rp

Healthy eating in UBUD:

Overview and adds on this website:
We love to eat at:

1) Cafe Wayan on Monkey Forest Road
2) KAFE:
3) LITTLE K Restaurant at the YOGA BARN: