Let us transport you into heaven in our first class SPA that is as beautiful as entering a palace of Aladdin's 1001 Nights

At such affordable prices of about 266.000 Rp (about 16 € or 18 USD incl. tax) per hour massage. Withe these prices, you can treat yourself like a king or queen every single day!

Or try our Full Day at the Spa.

A few steps from our swimming pool, you can enter our SPA to receive Wellness Sessions ranging from Massages, with Salts-Scrubs and Flower-Baths, to Sound Healing, to Hyperbaric Oxgen Treatment,. and Amathyst Far-Infra-Red-Bio-Matt You will feel the difference immediatly and the higher octave that we offer.

We have created a truly magical space for the wellbeing of your heart and soul that will offer you upliftment from the bottom of your feet to the tip of your head, and beyond.

Our mission is to offer you a deeply satisfying experience, more than just a normal massage. Our massages are designed to nurture your soul, as well as your body.



Join SUMANE, staff at Shambala, at our Yoga-Shala located in the heart of our Shambala Retreat, to restore calm, strenght and centeredness with our Easy-Hatha-Yoga.

SUMANE is as self-taught Yoga Practitionor, and has a very gently presence, that will sooth your soul.

Our Yoga-Shala is surrounded by our lush garden, where you can let the sound of the birds and sound of the ocean waves lapping at the shore accompany you in your Yoga-Session with SUMANE.

* Inividual sessions cost 100.000 RP (about $5 USD or 5 Euro) per hour, and you can find a time that suits your needs.

* Group Sessions, with a minimum of 2 guests cost 50.000 RP (about $3.30 USD or 3.30 Euro) per hour


Make it a DAY at the SPA and explore a melange of our favorite treamtents.

Start with 10 minutes of our unique sound table session, then let us soak your feet in warm water with flower petals, followed by half hour Foot Reflexology and half hour Head, Neck & Shoulder massage. Now enjoy a Full- Body relaxing Oil Massage of your choice, and top it with a Salt Scrub made of essential oils. To look glowing all over we will give you a natural Facial treatment, as well as a Manicure or Pedicure.

End your Day at the SPA with a luxuriating Flower Bath and candle light, which will take your mind to heaven..

The totall 4.5 hours of indulging at our SPA will only cost you 1.355.000 Rp (approx, 82 Euro or $90 USD) for all 4.5 hours. (including 21% tax and service.)

You can also order your stand-alone Flower Bath anytime you wish. Please order your Flower Bath one day in advance, as we need to buy the flowers fresh in the early morning from the local market in the village.

ALTERNATIVE WELLNESS TREATMENTS modalities, that you may want to explore:

  • Amethysist - Far Infra Red Bio Mat (deep heating)
  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Treament
  • Sound Table Treatments
  • Tuning Forks with the OTTO 64 or OTTO 128
  • Sound Bowls treatment
  • Guided Imagery Sessions Online
  • EASY HATHA YOGA with SUMANE at 50.000 RP to be paid directly to Sumane, with a minimum of 2 guests, or 100.000 RP per session if you prefer a one-on-one session.


Alternative Healthing Sessions, Massage, Reflexology, Facials, Pedicure, Manicure, Sound Healing!

Bali is well known for the Living Apothecary, the Healing Energy called TAKSU, and Bali's reputation for it's Seers and Healers!

Make sure you explore our many offers, and allow us to amper you, with prices that are a fraction of what they are back at home.

Let us offer you a remarkable experience, and come home with a renewed sense of wellbeing.

Let us e bring Heaven to Earth, so you will go home and take a piece of Heaven with you in your heart.


Hyperbaric Oxygen Session:

1 1/2 hrs 750.800 Rp incl. taxes

Hyperbaric Oxygen Session promote healing, and tend to cost between $200 - $600 USD per sesison abroad. Here at Shambala you can benefit from this session for just a fraction of the normal cost abroad.

A session lasts 90 minutes, and can be done daily for 5 days in a row. HBC offers your body pure oxygen. Oxygen is known to help the immune system fight bacteria and generate stem cells. Stem cells are special cells in your body that help create other types of important cells, including blood cells, brain cells and muscle cells.

  • Please read more HERE about the BENEFITS.

Oil Massages:

1 hr 266.200 Rp incl. taxes
1 1/2 hrs 338.800 Rp incl. taxes

Choose from an assortment of organic to aromatic Oils! Treat yourself to a traditional full body Bali massage.Soothing your mind as well as your body, this massage is effective in releasing tension, stress and muscle soreness. The Bali massage features special techniques of acupressure and repetitive slow, smooth strokes which allow your mind to enter a new world.

2 hrs THERAPY Massage & Body Scrub

Start with a Sound Healing Session our our Sound- Table, then receive a massage with one of our aromatic natural oils, and finsh up wiht a Salt-Scrub or an Herbal Scrub.

2 hr 471.900Rp incl. taxes

Body Scrubs:

Choose any one of our Body Scrubs, to follow your oil massage. Your skin and body will feel amazingly alive as you are receiving these scrubs. It truly should not be missed.

We offer the following Scrubs:

  • Natural Lulur, a traditional Balinese herbal scrub
  • Natural SALT SCRUB made with PURE essential oils

A deeply moving experienc is to receive an Flower Bathto luxuratte in warm water, with flowers and candle ligth, alone or with a pertner. Ffor 45 min by it self: 275.000 Rp (please book your flowerbath one day in advance)

OR try our DAY at the SPA package for getting your very best price and value at 1.388.500 Rp plus tax for 4.5 hrs of luxurious treatments.


This massage is done with “Clothes On” utilizing powder instead of oil on your hands and feet. You will feel the energy buzz as your body comes alive and your CHI will greatly be enhanced.

Feet, Head & Shoulder, or Full Body inlc. taxes

1 hr 266.200 Rp incl. taxes
1 1/2 hrs 338.800 Rp incl. taxes

This ancient technique combines the focus of acupressure on the reflex points of your feet, hands, back and shoulders. It truly helps to restore the Chi energy lines throughout your body.

Pedicure & Manicure:

1 hr 250.150 Rp incl. taxes

You deserve to have your feet pampered and have them look beautiful. Your treatment includes nail shaping, trimming and cuticle treatment, followed by hands and lower arm massage with your Manicure, or feet and calve massage with your Pedicure.

Allow extra time to let the polsih dry. Also great for men without polish!


We offer totally natural products , as we believe in the power of nature.
Depending on the season, if the fruits are available our facials can consist of Aloe Vera, Mango or Papaya. just like Mother Nature had in mind.

  • MANGO Mouse Masque: for toning the face
  • PAPAYA Polish: for nurturing the face
  • ALOE VERA: promotes skin healing
1 hr 250.150 Rp incl. taxes

Sound Healings:

Try our Sound Table, or our Tuning Forks the OTTO 64 and OTTO 128

30 min 120,000 Rp incl. taxes

Explore the healing power of sound as you lay on our specially crafted Teak Sound Table. By using the harmonics of harp strings your body will start to float on a carpet of sounds to help you regain emotional and energetic balance and integrity. Your chakras will naturally open and rebalance themselves in this deeply relaxing and spiritual experience.

The Otto 128 is used for pain management, muscle spasms, or circulation. It promotes relaxation, enhanced memory, and enhanced sexual function by stimulating the nervous system and release of nitric oxide. The Otto 128 was shown by Dr. John Beaulieu to promote the release of nitric oxide, a gas in our blood vessels known to relieve pain and promote relaxation and health.

The Otto (osteophonic) tuners are placed on joints, muscle and nerve groups which in turn resonate throughout the body providing relief from arthritis, knee or back pain, surgery or a strenuous workout.

The Otto 64 is used primarily on the lower back and hips for easing pain and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. This fork is great for body workers such as massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and people with back or hip pain.

Use this fork when you want to focus healing on the hips and the lower back/spine. Many have had good results in stimulating cranial sacral pulse when placing the stem of this fork around the foot and ankle.

Spa Package

If you wish to leave a tip, please give your tip directly to your mas therapist.

4,5 hr 1.338.800 Rp plus taxes

RSVP for your Spa Package!

Make it a DAY at the SPA, and try our SPA Package. Explore a combination of our favorite treatments, for example:

Start with 10 minutes of:

  • our unique Sound Table session,
  • then let us soak your feet in warm water with flower petals,
  • followed by half hour Foot Reflexology
  • followed by half hour Head, Neck & Shoulder massage.
  • next enjoy a Full Body relaxing Oil Massage of your choice,
  • we will top off your massage with a Salt Scrub
  • to look glowing all over we will give you a natural Facial treatment,
  • ending with a Manicure or Pedicure.

Book an additional luxuriating Flower Bath, alone or with your beloved, in a romantic setting, ending your Day at the SPA with candle light, which will take your mind to heaven for only 330.000Pr (plus 21% tax) extra.

Please book one day in advance, so we can purchase your flowers.