SEEING a BALIAN ( a Balinese Healer) in Bondalem. The Balian will come to Shambala.

Please contact us at Shambala at: to set up your appointment.

  • COST: 110.000 Rp /per person donation to BALIAN, including the offerings .
  • Tips: for any help with translation, you can tip your guide directly according to your feelings.


Moments of empowered beauty.  Indulge in a private photo session that is tailored to your personality right by the ocean and surroundings.  Ulrike has been a Yoga and Portrait photographer for 15 years and we love recommending her services.


We can highly recommend SHERVIN BOLOORIAN

  • Contact him at: <>
  • Tel: +6287861408219
  • COST: 1.6 mill Rp per evening event plus overnight stay and transportation

TEMPLE VISIT in Bondalem:

Please send your email to: to check on special dates for temple ceremonies in Bondalem Total price is: apprpox. 80,000 RP/ per person consisting of:

  • 30,000 RP for renting your sarong and sash at Shangri-La, if you don't have one. The men also receive the extra hat required for men only.
  • 10,000 RP for the offerings
  • 10.000 Rp / per person approx. tip to the group guide Edy
  • 30,000 RP / per person donation to the temple

TEMPLE BLESSING CEREMONY for the group with a private priest at a Temple in Bondalem

  • cost about 1.8 million RP including transport and offerings



Just 15 minutes from Shambala by van is a fantastic waterfall and beautiful hike through the jungle.

  • SNORKELING equipment FREE of charge
  • KAYAK rental
    • 50,000 RP for kayak for two people
    • 30,000 RP for kayak per person
  • BICYCLE rental for 50,000 RP

SEEING a DUKUN near UBUD we recommend contacting our guide MADE WIDIA. He will accompany your guests, or your group to see the Seer / DUKUN

  • Contact him at: <>
  • Tel: + 6281337586476
  • COST: 100.000 Rp /per person donation to DUKUN
  • 200.000 Rp (total) to MADE WIDIA for his assistance in booking and translation into English
  • Special translator: might be needed (GERMAN TRANSLATOR costs 200.000 RP per trip)

EXCURSIONS and PICK UPs: (please pay transport fee & tips directly to taxi drivers)

  • 650.000 Rp from Denpasar to Shambala and/or return for up to 4 passengers with luggage
  • 500.000 Rp from UBUD to Shambala and/or return for up to 4 passengers with luggage
  • 700.000 Rp for DAY TOURS for up to 5 passengers
  • LESS WATERFALL half day excursion: 400.000 Rp for 2 -  people/ 490.000 Rp for 7 persons
  • Most beautiful WATERFALL SEKUMPUL :

Dance Performances

  • Welcome Dance: 15 minutes with three teenage female dancers cost about 300.000 Rp using CD Music
  •  for 2.700.000Rp of cost 4 kinds such dance welcome dance, bird dance, teenager dance, bee dance with a gamelan troupe for approximately one hour
  •  2.400.000Rp of cost 2 - 3 kinds dance with a gamelan troupe for approximately 45 minute
  •  1.500.000Rp of cost 1 kind dance with a gamelan troupe for approximately 15 minute
  • Please contact: <>


We offer four dances to welcome guest. The Welcome dance is danced by two or three dancers who are accompanied by a GAMALAN ORCHESTRA

  • DANCE Welcome dance Puspanjali
  • DANCE Bird dance Cendrawasih
  • DANCE Teenager dance Truna Jaya
  • DANCE Oleg Tamulilingan


Rp 3.200.000

The cost of the dance performance including the Gamaln Orchestra is Rp 3.200.000

Rp 1.700.000

The same dances can be done with just pre-recordred music CD and the cost is only Rp 1.700.000


We offer individual dance classes, and small group instructions for up to six participants, for which we hire a personal professional dance teacher.


  • Per person per hour the cost is Rp 150.000
  • For each additional person you pay Rp 100.000 per hour